Types Of Fences And Their Benefits (Which One Best Fits For Your Yard)

Which One Best Fits For Your Yard

Choosing the right type of fence for your home goes beyond aesthetics. Although looks and curb appeal are important factors, there is also a wide range of fence types when it comes to cost, durability, and longevity, and what may work for one homeowner may not be ideal for someone else. 

Types of fences for the backyard are an important decision for any homeowner. It’s not just about the aesthetics of your property, but also its level of security and privacy that you may need to consider before buying one. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Fence?

Different fences for different purposes, but some are more popular than others. The most common fence types include wood, metal, and vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is the least expensive type of fence to install because it requires less maintenance down the road. 

However, wooden fences tend to remain in tip-top shape after they have been installed for a while. Wooden fences also come in a variety of different styles to choose from. Metal fences are durable and can last for many years, but they can be quite expensive to install. 

Different fence styles are great for different reasons. A wooden fence is perfect if you want to keep your pet in the backyard, while a metal or vinyl fence is great for security purposes. No matter what kind of fence you choose, be sure to research the benefits and drawbacks of each type before making a decision.

There are different kinds of fences to choose from, and each has its benefits. Understanding your choices is the first step to determining what type of fence you should choose, regardless of whether you are replacing an existing fence or starting from scratch. 

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Who Will You Look For, If You Need Some Fencing Services?

The services of Suburban Fence Incorporated are available for those in the Chicagoland area who need a fence installed. We have a wide variety of fences to choose from, so whether you’re looking for something decorative or functional, we have you covered.

Fences are a great way to keep your space from being invaded by unwanted intruders. They serve as an effective barrier, but there is more than one type of fence to choose from when deciding on the best kind for your needs. 

This article will discuss different types of fences and their benefits so you can make an informed decision next time you need a fence installed in your backyard or at the perimeter of your property line. Suburban Fence Incorporated offers guaranteed expertise in providing fencing services.

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Look At Different Types Of Fences And See What Best Fits Your Yard
Look At Different Types Of Fences And See What Best Fits Your Yard

Different Types Of Fences

Brick Wall Fence

Traditionally, brick walls were used as fences to establish privacy, protect homes, and add beauty to houses. Many of these fence types are popular and can be found around a wide variety of buildings, such as houses, offices, and hospitals.

In addition to being very durable, solid, and long-lasting, these types of fencing deliver style and class that no other type of fencing can match. In the case of a busy street near your home, brick wall fences are a good privacy fence choice because they block noise from the street.

Additionally, it increases the security of your home as well as gives a stylish appearance to your walls. In addition to providing a safe wall enclosure for little ones, a brick wall fence will also provide a fence for pets.

Wooden Fence

Wooden fencing is an excellent addition to any home. The purpose of wooden fencing can be for privacy, security, destroying outside noise, or just as a decorative element.

When choosing timber for your fence, take into account your local weather conditions, since choosing the right material will prevent decay and provide a durable fence.

Wooden fences of good quality will require fewer repairs and are less likely to need replacement. A wooden fence can last anywhere between 10 and 30 years, depending on how well it is installed, the type of wood used, as well as maintenance.

In addition to pine and cedar, redwood is also an excellent choice for wooden fencing. Use a water-resistant solution for wooden fencing to prevent dampness and extreme temperatures.

Wood Fencing Services
Wood Fencing Services

Iron Fence 

Fencing made of iron can be customized to create a unique and individualized solution. It is very malleable, making it possible to customize it to a high degree since it is heavy.

The use of it for fencing also requires extensive maintenance. Repainted every two to three years, iron or steel materials require regular maintenance and can rust and corrode over time.

Due to the heaviness of iron fencing, the installation is straightforward but more labor-intensive than that of other materials. They are usually made to order and are often expensive than other types of fencing.

Iron fences are stronger and more durable, but they require custom manufacturing. A fancy design on such an iron fence comes at a high price.

Aluminum Fence 

Generally, aluminum fences are used in commercial applications for their long-lasting qualities. Moreover, aluminum fences can be cleaned easily and require little maintenance.

Despite aluminum’s relatively low maintenance and ease of installation, the cost of aluminum fencing is higher than most materials. Because this material is so lightweight, it is incredibly easy to bend when it comes in contact with something or even when it is caught in a strong wind.

At the moment, there are several aluminum fence manufacturers available on the market, and there are numerous ways to reduce costs. Cheaper materials and poorly coated aluminum fences are just a few ways to reduce the cost.

Chain-link Fence

Chain-link fencing is primarily used in construction projects and industries due to its affordability and ease of maintenance. Chain-link fences are simple and quick to install. Chain-link fences can be used for various applications.

Chain-link fences can easily be constructed between two places in need of a boundary, and they also take up less space. Due to their thin and see-through nature, chain-link fences cannot increase privacy.

Bamboo Fence

On the market, bamboo fencing can be purchased either in the form of rolls or panels. Bamboo fences are best used to cover a wall, wooden panel, or mesh panel that already exists.

To create more privacy between two properties or gardens, these types of fencing are preferred as fence panels and partitions. It is often possible to create a unique and modern look by combining bamboo sticks with other materials.

The bamboo sticks and rolls are connected with steel wire when installing bamboo fencing. This installation process is quick and easy. They can easily be installed in a variety of angles and shapes, which is one of their major advantages.

Barbed Wire Fence

Cattle and livestock are often kept away from houses by barbed wire fences manufactured from steel.

Unlike a normal galvanized wire, this type of fencing has its strands twined instead of intertwined like an interwoven wire. Regularly spaced barbs are connected along the length of the barbed wire.

Those trespassers and animals trying to pierce the barbed wire are deterred by the pointy barbs that can be painful. To prevent humans from climbing over wire fencing in prisons and military installations, some types of barbed wire are placed along the top of the fencing.

Vinyl-Coated Wire Fencing

Wire fences with vinyl coating can be purchased in standard colors like black or green. In this case, the wire fence has been welded and woven and a vinyl covering was applied. Because galvanized coating and vinyl combine to protect the wire, vinyl-coated fences look good and last a long time.

To contain pets, or to protect children from hazards such as playgrounds and pools, this type of fence is used around yards. Decorative panels for deck railings can also be made from vinyl-coated wire fences, or as a component of animal and lobster traps.

Electrified Fencing

Electrified fences are typically made from thin steel or aluminum. Trespassers will receive a shock when trespassing in prohibited areas. Electric fences commonly used in agriculture deliver just enough voltage to make people uncomfortable.

Other applications include its use to stun offenders, such as in commercial or industrial settings. A lethal dose of energy may be delivered to an animal or person through this type of fence used for military and security purposes.

Any person or animal who comes into contact with it could be killed.

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Living Fence

A living fence consists of shrubs and trees planted at regular intervals to make a continuous screen.

This fence serves as a compound wall as well as providing protection from high winds, providing privacy, and acting as a background screen for a flower garden, vegetable garden, etc.

Fences made from barbed wire are less expensive than boundary walls and when maintained properly, they have a more appealing appearance. A living fence can be started by planting seeds or cuttings during March.

5 Reasons Why We Need Fences

Below are a few reasons why you should consider installing a fence around your home or property:

1. Safety and Security

  • A fence on your property provides security as the number one reason for installing one.
  • Fences protect your valuables, but most importantly protect you and your family.
  • Fencing serves as a deterrent to intruders & interlopers, as well as keeping unwanted animals off your property.
  • Fencing cannot just be used to keep people and animals out but is also designed for safety purposes.
  • As well as keeping things in, they keep children in. Keeping pets contained and controlled is also possible with the addition of fences around houses.

2. Borders

  • The fence will be able to show you the correct boundary between your neighbor’s territory and your own; without fencing, it can be difficult to identify your property lines.
  • Fences are the perfect solution for preventing conflicts between neighbors over property lines.

3. Confidentiality

  • Fences should be installed around your house for many reasons, including privacy.
  • Privacy can be protected by fences, and when it comes to privacy, knowing who’s inside is key.
  • No one is watching your family. There are no prying eyes of strangers or neighbors. It is a safe and worry-free environment.
  • High fencing or combining fences with trees and shrubs can create privacy that will prevent neighbors from stealing your ideas for your outdoor kitchen, which will add to your curb appeal.

4. Aesthetics

  • Fences are a great way to make your home more appealing from the outside.
  • A fence can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house, as well as increase its value.
  • In addition to providing security, safety, and privacy, a well-designed and arranged fence can make the surrounding area more attractive. A well-designed and arranged fence can be a great way to beautify your property visually.
  • It is important to choose a fence design that is durable and matches the theme and style of your home.

5. Resale

  • The value of your home will increase if your home has a quality fence with excellent security and privacy features.
  • It can significantly increase the sale price of your home if you’re selling.
  • While searching for a home, new home-buyers prefer well-designed and quality fencing, and since security and privacy are usually high on buyer’s lists your new fence is a great investment that will get a return.

What Is The Best Type Of Fence?

It depends! There are many factors to consider when choosing a fence for your home, including cost, durability, and your area’s climate.

Getting several quotes from builders and finding out what works best in your area is our recommendation after narrowing down your options based on appearance and budget.

Consider looking at your local regulations or HOA guidelines too, if applicable, to find out if there are any restrictions on the type of fence that is allowed on your property.

Suburban Fence offers a wide range of fences to meet any need. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive vinyl fence, wooden privacy, or chain link fencing, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right.

For more information on our services or products please contact us today!

We would love nothing more than to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Which type of fence is best for your property?

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