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How To Choose A Vinyl Fence Company (Hiring A Fencing Company)

The Best Vinyl Fence Company To Hire 

Choosing the right fencing company to install your vinyl fences can be a difficult task. There are many fencing companies near me, but not all of them will provide the best fence installation experience. 

In recent years, vinyl fencing has become increasingly popular. Taking into account all the great benefits offered by this type of fencing, its popularity is easily understood. Your home will be more attractive and valuable with vinyl fencing, and it will require little or no maintenance. 

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The best part is that once you find the perfect vinyl fence for your needs, you can expect it to remain in pretty much the same condition as the day you purchased it. If you are looking for the best fence company in Chicago, Suburban Fence is the top choice. You can turn to them for fencing services tailored specifically to your needs since they have a great reputation. 

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Best Vinyl Fence Company To Hire
Best Vinyl Fence Company To Hire

 Choosing the Right Vinyl Fence Company

1. Big-box Stores Should Be Avoided

Rather than shopping at the big box stores, you should consider looking for the best vinyl fence companies. This includes Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other companies. 

In spite of the fact that they are affordable and well-publicized, these companies don’t always provide the highest-quality fences. 

If you’re looking for something that’s going to last, it will probably cost a bit more than regular items, but it will earn its keep over time.

2. Ensure The Dealer And Manufacturer Have The Right Credentials

Choosing a dependable manufacturer and reputable dealer for your vinyl fence will help you avoid problems. You can be confident that when they are notified of a mistake, they will make a fervent effort to correct it. 

Choose a company that has a long history, excellent reviews, and is well regarded.

3. Check The Product’s Warranty

The warranty of the product should be reviewed. If you decide to purchase vinyl, you may need to replace or repair certain parts of the fence as time goes by, and hopefully, you can do that with the help of your warranty. Warranty coverage offers a great sense of security.

4. Consider Virgin Vinyl Fencing

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is responsible for most vinyl production. Make sure you choose vinyl fencing systems made of virgin PVC to ensure you’re getting a professional-grade fence. It may not be what you think it is, but recycled vinyl is an alternative.

New recycled vinyl is different from other recycled items. The raw material isn’t just one source; in the case of vinyl fencing, it’s typically leftover scraps from another application. 

Even though recyclable items are fantastic in many ways, they are not the best material for fences. Since recycled vinyl tends to grow mold and mildew, professional fence manufacturers only offer virgin vinyl. 

Whenever you see vinyl with dark spots, it’s likely made from recycled plastics instead of virgin vinyl. You need virgin vinyl fencing if you wish your fence to be strong, weather-resistant, and attractive for years to come. Beware of recycled vinyl alternatives that are cheaper.

Sizes and Thickness of Vinyl Fences
Sizes and Thickness of Vinyl Fences

5. Sizes And Thicknesses Need To Be Considered

Check the component sizes and wall thicknesses to identify a cheap, shoddy fence. A fence’s durability and quality are reduced by making an “economy” fence that is thinner and smaller to save money. 

A product of this quality won’t withstand impacts and isn’t worth the money or time. Fortunately, most fence companies refuse to sell thin, weak products, so you won’t find them while shopping around for a fence.

6. Be Careful When Selecting Your Design

The versatility of vinyl allows a wide range of designs to be achieved with it. Vinyl is popular because it mimics the look of wood fences; however, you can also find more modern designs. 

Discover all the design options available to you when selecting a vinyl fencing system:

  • Fence Height: Most fencing systems have several different height options, typically ranging from 48″ to 96″. Railing heights commonly used are 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, and 96″.
  • Privacy: Some fences reach almost to the ground, while others are raised up a bit. Furthermore, some vinyl fences are made of solid sections, thus blocking the wind and providing complete privacy. 

Many other picket fences have spaces between each picket, giving them a more open feeling. Take your privacy concerns, ventilation issues, and aesthetics into account.

  • Fence Shape: The shape of the top of the fence will have a dramatic effect on its appearance. There are many types of fences you can choose from, including straight tops, pickets that rise along the fence, pickets that rise to varying heights in a curve, and more.

 7. Select A Complementary Color

Finally, you will be able to choose a product that complements the surrounding structures and landscape by looking at the colors and textures available. 

White fences look like painted wood, and most people recognize them. In addition to black, vinyl fences are typically available in tan and sierra, which are light neutral colors. 

There are also different textures available for vinyl fences. A number of these surfaces are glossy and smooth, but others have a fabricated woodgrain texture. Make sure you thoroughly investigate your options before you make any decisions.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a vinyl fencing company, now could be the perfect time! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and find out why so many people trust our services year after year.

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