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As Cicero’s premier fencing company, we bring over 40 years of expertise to every project. At Suburban Fence, we are not just a fencing company in Cicero, IL; we are a hallmark of quality and professionalism. Call us at (708) 222-9255 or get a FREE Quote!

Whether it’s a small residential enclosure or a large commercial boundary, our commitment to completing projects on time and within budget is unwavering. Discover why our long-standing reputation in Cicero, IL, makes us the first choice for all your fencing needs.

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Our Services

Chain Link Fences

Secure your area efficiently with our sturdy chain link fences, ideal for practical, cost-effective boundary and security solutions.

Vinyl Fences

Opt for low-maintenance, weather-resistant vinyl fences, offering a sleek, modern look with longevity and easy upkeep for your space.

Wood Fences

Enhance your property with our durable, aesthetically pleasing wood fences, tailor-made for privacy, security and elegance. 

High-Quality Commercial Fences

Robust commercial fences, we provide secure, customized solutions for businesses, ensuring safety and professional appeal.

Aluminum / Steel Fences

Choose our high-quality aluminum or steel fences for a strong, rust-resistant barrier that combines security with visual appeal

white vinyl fence surrounding the yard

Trusted Leader in Fencing

Since 1977, Suburban Fence Incorporated has been a trusted name in Chicago, Illinois, for high-quality fence manufacturing and installation. As the region’s leading fencing company, we specialize in providing the perfect fencing solution tailored to both residential and commercial properties. Our commitment is to ensure that every fence we install meets your specific needs and enhances your property. Get a FREE Estimate today! 

Suburban Fence Incorporated, serving Cicero, IL, offers diverse fencing services. We specialize in chain link, wood, vinyl, and aluminum/steel fences, catering to both residential and commercial needs. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, ensuring each project is tailored to meet specific requirements. We’re dedicated to providing durable, aesthetically pleasing fences, enhancing the security and appearance of properties in Cicero. 60632, 60804

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