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Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Stylish Wood Fences

Style Your Home With Wood Fences

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9 Different Ways Wood Fences Can Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Boosting your home’s curb appeal is now easy. Aside from adding aesthetics to your home, you also increase safety in your own place. Fences are one of the latest trends if you want to improve the look of your home. People who pass by and visit your home make an impression by the first time they see your house. How your house looks from the outside can say a lot about how it will look on the inside. In this article, we will 

1. It Completes The Look Of Your Home’s Exterior

Fences are almost the same as cuffs to a suit or earrings. It is something that completes your evening dress ensemble. You can always do your attire without them, but it would feel like something is missing. This same principle applies when it comes to fences. Viewing a property without a fence can make it feel like it is incomplete. You can solve that dilemma when you get a fence for your property today. Choose a fence design that will best match the exteriors of your home. Why not try wood fences for a classic look? 

2. It Can Enhance Your Home’s Privacy

One of the common reasons people put up a fence or their home is because of privacy. A fenceless property is like saying your life is a free show. You allow anyone to take a look at whatever you do, whenever. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, house buyers would also want privacy for their new home. They want to feel safe and protected from the prying eyes. With many selections of fence designs, you can find one that is best for your home. Keep everyone at your home safe. Put up a fence outside with the works with privacy fence companies near me.

3. It Defines The Boundaries Of Your Property

When your property has a fence, it is easier to define the boundaries. You can determine the land area of a property and its scope. If you have a huge space in your yard and you do not use it, consider building a fence. A well-built fence can make a statement for your home. It can communicate well with any buyer. It shows how your property has a lot to offer when it comes to its land area.

If you are worrying about not having enough resources for a fence, there are many designs. Suburban Fence offers different fence designs that you can choose from. Some designs are low-cost and won’t need high maintenance. You will never run out of good options. Make sure to call Suburban Fence. 

4. Prevent Any Unwanted Guests From Barging In

Buyers will always love a friendly neighborhood. We should protect our future house buyers from feeling anxious. We cannot let anyone have free access to our property all the time. It can take time before you can warm up with other people, especially with someone you just met. Give them enough time to warm up to the new community they belong to. 

A fence will let your neighbors know that they need to build a cordial relationship with you. This gives them enough boundaries and limited access to your property. There are various designs you can choose from for fences. There are designs that would be enough to deter your nosy neighbors. We do not have to worry if it would make them feel unwelcome. You can always try a wood fence and include it in your best options. 

simple wood fence design
Simple Wood Fence Design

5. It Can Reduce The Noise You Hear From The Inside

Aside from the nosy neighbors and prying eyes, noise easily comes through the thin walls. We want to keep our privacy and what is happening inside our homes on our own. By getting a fence for your property, it can reduce the noise from your surrounding area. Of course, not all fences can offer this benefit. 

Good thing there are fence designs for homes that are good for noise dampening. Make sure to pick those types of fencing designs. You can always consult the fence experts to know your best options. Achieve that peace inside your home by building a fence from Suburban Fence today.

6. Protecting Your Property From Any Unsightly Views

Remember that buyers do not only look at your property’s exterior. They also view the scenery that surrounds your property. Well, not everyone is blessed with a pleasing and beautiful neighborhood. Improving the look of your home is one way to make it look like your home is different from the others. Installing the best wood for fence can block out the unsightly neighborhood. Suburban Fence offers different fence designs for your front yard at home. It can provide enough visual cover to block any unpleasant view in the area. 

7. It Can Be A Protective Barrier

Vehicular accidents do not usually happen in rural towns. But, when it comes to the suburbs, it is prevalent. The accidents would always involve pedestrians and trees. What’s more sad about this is that some homeowners get hit. By having a fence on your property, you can protect anyone and your whole place against reckless drivers. Avoid the potential road dangers that can happen. This is a great selling factor for many house buyers. They appreciate if the property has enough protection, especially if it is near the busy roads. 

8. It Can Keep Your Neighbor’s Plants Out Of Your Yard

Seeing an overgrown garden in the neighborhood can be a source of major headaches. You will always see this even if you don’t like to. This is because you do not have a fence that can serve as a barrier between your property and theirs. After moving your lawn, the last thing you want to see is a thick bush. Thick bushes can crawl into the other side of your property if we are not careful enough. 

Your neighbor may not be at fault for this, but you want to keep your property clean. If older people are living next door, it is more difficult for them to manage such a yard. One way to keep these overgrown plants away from your property is by installing a garden fence. There are many garden fence ideas you can try for your property. Ask an expert for their opinion. 

9. It Makes Your Property Look Pleasing

This is one of the best reasons why you should consider having a fence at your own home. It is the most obvious way to improve your property’s look. Installing a fence improves the curb appeal of your home. As a homeowner, you should not limit yourself to the usual fence you see on American houses. Do not pick the white picket fence right away. 

Our company offers different options. Try to experiment with your home’s exterior to make it more exciting. Unless your area has a local restriction you need to follow, do not be afraid to try new things. You can try out any design options that can improve the curb appeal of your property. Choose between an ornamental metal or a wood fence. 

According to a real estate company, about 94% of top agents swear that a great curb appeal at homes is due to landscaping. This includes fencing too. It has a great influence on increasing the chances for a property to be bought. 

Build a fence at your own home by hiring the fence experts. Suburban Fence Incorporated is the company you should call. There are different ways to improve the curb appeal of your home, but fences make a huge difference. View our previous works here. We have free estimates on our services, so make sure to check that out. Call our team at (708) 222-9255 and protect your home from any prying eyes in your area. Check out wood fences for an elevated curb appeal in your home. Achieve that classic look for your home with Suburban Fence’s work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Personalize your privacy fence. 
  • Baskets for hanging. 
  • Hanging planters or pots add a splash of color to your wooden fence.  
  • A small garden. 
  • Make a wreath.  
  • Make your fence glow.  
  • Combine a privacy planter box and curtains.

Trellis is one of the most popular ways to add height to a fence. A fence topper is a simple option because it is specifically designed to sit atop your existing fence. Most fence toppers are 6ft long 1ft or 2ft trellis pieces that span the entire width of the fence.

  • Build a living wall. 
  • Use a mural to incorporate art.  
  • Illuminate your fencing.  
  • Make use of fencing as a backdrop for seating.  
  • Make a fence out of deconstructed pallets.  
  • Install shelves on your fence.  
  • Make a mixed hedge boundary.  
  • Turn things upside down. 

Plant flowering vines to add interest to the front of your fence. String lights should be hung. After sunset, keep the party going with outdoor string lights strung across a fence. Set up a Container Garden. Decorate your fence with hanging planters. 

  • Make use of Fence Post Extenders. 
  • Make use of Chain Link Extension Poles. 
  • Make use of a Privacy Screen. 
  • Make use of Trellis. 
  • Extender for barbed wire. 
  • Fence Extensions with Extended Arms. 
  • Replace existing fence posts with taller ones. 
  • Make use of PVC pipes. 
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