Swimming In Safety And Style With Home Pool Fencing

Swimming In Safety And Style With Home Pool Fencing

The Fun In Swimming With Safe Home Pool Fencing

Swimming at home is fun, but we must remember to consider our safety too. It is crucial for you, your friends, and your family. Choosing fences at home depot might be a little confusing. Suburban Fence Incorporated has various types of fences that we can install at your home. You may also get a free quote so you can plan your budget ahead of time.

We have been a reliable producer of quality fences in Illinois and Chicago since 1977. Whether they are minor fixes or installing massive fences, our company has been trained in efficient fencing. The staff we hire are experts in the field of fencing. In more than 30 years of service, we have always made sure to provide quality service to our customers. Call us at (708) 222 9255 for your inquiries.

What Is A Home Pool Fencing?

A pool fence is a barrier that surrounds the pool area. It segregates the pool area from other regions of your home. It also gives restricted access to prevent trespassers from entering your pool area.

Having a pool fence at home also sets limits for children to prevent accidents. A pool fence can serve as a barrier between you and danger. Experts recommend building at least five feet or higher. This gives more room for error if somebody trespasses on your pool area.

Why Consider Home Pool Fencing?

Pools Can Be Hazardous

Children are prone to accidents, and that is why choosing a good fence is a must. Installing a fence will keep your children safe and everyone else safe as they use the pool area. 

Should there be windows facing the pool area, make sure to put up safety glass or Plexiglass to avoid objects that children may throw in the pool area. This may also cause accidents.

Privacy And Comfort

Having a fence around your backyard swimming pool gives you both privacy and comfort at the same time. It prevents other people from seeing your pool area from outside. It is perfect for those who are conscious whenever somebody watches them. Having privacy also suits those who want to wear a bathing suit in private or who enjoy privacy.

Home Pool Fencing For Safety
Home Pool Fencing For Safety


Whether it becomes dark, icy, or even when it rains hard, having a fence in your pool area ensures everyone’s safety. In addition, it would be a huge inconvenience to see a wildlife creature lodging in your pool area. Having a home pool fence keeps unwanted animals away.

Less Effort

Having an indoor pool is something you should watch out for because you need to use a pool net or cover. Keeping our pools clean all the time requires so much strength and effort but Installing a pooling fence will require less effort in cleaning. Always make sure that you lock the pool area whenever it is not in use.

Pets Safeties

Included in the list of our safety concerns are our pets. Not all pets have the ability to swim, may it be a dog, a cat, or any other pet. The fences must be at least 5 feet high or even higher to make sure that our pets cannot jump over the pool area.

Save In Insurance

Did you know that a pool fence can also save you on insurance? That’s right! Even insurance companies nowadays ask for fencing. Getting a pool fence can give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Keep in mind that this still depends on the terms of your insurance policy. 

Home pool fencing saves you a lot of money from medical bills, insurance claims, and legal fees that may be incurred if somebody gets injured in your pool area.

Flexibility In Design

Pool fences are flexible when it comes to design. It varies in height, colors, materials, and even style that best fits your home’s atmosphere. The different selection of pooling fences lets you have a backyard you would like to see daily. Also, the mood that it gives whenever you look at it

Options For Selecting A Fence For My Backyard Swimming Pool

Installing a pool fence may be quite expensive. Consider this as an investment in your future. Aside from safety, fence design is something you should look into as well. As you want to keep your property safe, you also want a pool area that is pleasing to the eyes. You do not want to break your bank account, but are you considering a home pool fence? Then, our swimming pool fence services may be the perfect fit for you.

In choosing a fence for your backyard pool, we are not only concerned about security. We must also consider what it is going to look like. Securing your safety does not mean your fence looks close to a prison. Here are two important criteria to keep in mind: your priorities and your budget. Aluminum and Vinyl-PVC are the popular choices among the different fence selections for pool areas. Our company, Suburban Fence Inc., offers the following:

Aluminum Fencing
Aluminum Fencing

1. Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences have different types you can choose from. The materials range from Galvanized, Aluminized, and Vinyl coated fabric and wire. The Vinyl is available in different colors, too, particularly Green, Black, and Brown. This type of fence allows a customer to have 80 to 95% of their privacy with a 100% strength of steel material.

2. Vinyl Fences

Home Depot may offer cheaper options, but with unreliable quality. Vinyl Fences are perfect for those homeowners who prefer to have their fence as it is, without the need to paint it or worry if it will have stains later on. This type of fence is available in the colors White, Sand, Khaki, Multi-Grain, Mocha Walnut, and Green Teak.

3. Wood Fences

Wood Fence are an affordable type of fence that brings classic beauty to our homes. It matches the atmosphere of an environmentally friendly backyard. What makes it better is that Suburban Fence Inc. offers wood fences that we build on-site to make sure they fit your backyard. The Western Red Cedar wood fences have the finest quality, which we can customize to suit your needs.

4. Commercial Fences

This type of fence is common in places that are visible to the public but cannot be simply accessed by them. It is usually found on business or commercial property to secure the area.

5. Aluminum/Steel Fences

Aluminum or steel fences are what we recommend getting. Why? It does not rot, fade, or rust and can last for decades; it saves you money in the future, right? Aluminum is also less prone to oxidation. This saves you more time and money than maintaining a pool fence. 

Ornamental aluminum is a popular choice as it requires very little maintenance. It gives an elegant look to your pool area without spending too much money on installation fees. Remember that most materials that aluminum is made from give people in the pool area a nicer view of their surroundings. Our aluminum/steel fences are available in different colors. We allow personalized designs so they can match the vibe of your area. We offer a lifetime warranty for this type of fence to make it more interesting.

6. Electric Fence

Some people like to have an electric fence in their pool area for extra safety. These types of fences are expensive to maintain and install. Before getting this type of fence, consider these factors first if it does not fit your ideal budget, whether it will be for your home or business. It is good that there are fences that you can maintain in the long run.

Among the various types of fences, we hope we were able to help you choose the best one for you. Choosing a fence has never been this fun. With Suburban Fence Incorporated, your safety is one of many things we make sure of. With the money you will be spending, you can style your backyard the way you want. Let your indoor pool have both security and style when you avail of our service.

Forget home depot fencing, and let us do the work for your backyard swimming pool. We produce our fences out of high-quality materials, ensuring a quality that will last for a long time. Suburban Fence gives you the best of both worlds. You may visit us at 6440 S Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, or you may call (708) 222 9255. We are open from Monday to Saturday, every 9 AM-6 PM. Get that fence in your pool because it is now or never! Secure your fun and safety at the same time with Suburban Fence Incorporated!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Create a pool fence. 
  • Install a security system. 
  • Get rid of the diving board. 
  • Keep rescue equipment and a first-aid kit close by. 
  • Inspect the pool area daily for slip hazards. 
  • Keep chemicals in a secure location. 
  • Examine the drain covers.
  • Understand CPR.

An ornamental iron fence is the safest pool fence for four main reasons. It is a rigid installation. It has posts, concrete in the ground 16 to 18 inches deep, and no flex in the gate or fence. 

A mesh fence is the most effective pool barrier you can install in your backyard to keep young children and pets out of your pool. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children aged 1-4, but it does not have to be that way.

Chain link fences, brick walls, and removable pool fences all qualify as pool barriers if properly secured and at least 4 feet tall. With this in mind, even if you have a privacy fence, it may be prudent to have a secondary barrier within your yard. 

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