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How To Hire A Fencing Company: Expert Tips For A Wise Decision

Fencing Company Selection: Your Ultimate Guide To Making The Best Choice

Choosing the right fencing company is paramount when securing and enhancing your property. A well-installed fence beautifies your home and is a testament to quality and durability. That’s where we, at Suburban Fence Incorporated, come into the picture. Our comprehensive services are underlined by an impressive portfolio, which you can view in our gallery. Considering a fencing project? Feel free to give us a call at (708) 222 9255 or obtain a free quote to begin your journey towards a beautifully fenced property.

9 Key Factors When Hiring A Fencing Company

1. In-Depth Research On Local Fence Companies

Before starting your fencing project, an in-depth online search for local fence experts can prove invaluable. Browsing through official websites provides insight into a company’s professionalism, their range of services, and their past projects. Remember to underestimate the power of customer reviews on platforms like Google, as these can offer unbiased views of a company’s performance.

2. Seek Recommendations

Despite the digital boom, word of mouth remains a goldmine of information. Connect with friends, neighbors, or colleagues who’ve recently installed fences. Their firsthand experiences can give you a clear picture of what to expect, and might even introduce you to proven professionals.

3. Assess Experience And Qualifications

Understanding the contractor’s depth of experience is paramount. Like Suburban Fence, veterans in the fencing industry are adept at foreseeing challenges and navigating them with finesse. Their vast exposure ensures they sidestep common errors and promise a faultless installation. Notably, a track record spanning several years is often indicative of consistent client satisfaction and high-quality craftsmanship.

4. Diverse Services Indicate Expertise

The variety of services a fencing company offers can directly reflect their expertise. Whether your heart is set on vinyl fencing, ornamental iron, or cedar wood, the contractor should display prowess in various materials and styles. It’s prudent to be wary of companies with a narrow service spectrum, as they might need to offer the flexibility or in-depth knowledge essential for specialized projects.

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5. Clear Communication Is Key

After narrowing down your options, candidly with the prospective contractor. A detailed discussion about project specifications, cost estimates, and expected timelines can circumvent unforeseen issues. Companies that maintain transparency and prioritize open communication often create a smoother working relationship.

6. Licensing And Insurance Are Non-Negotiable

Always verify the contractor’s state licensing and comprehensive insurance to safeguard yourself from unforeseen complications or liabilities. These credentials protect you and attest to the company’s legitimacy and dedication to industry standards. As a rule of thumb, always insist on a written agreement detailing every project facet – from material choices to payment structures, ensuring both parties have clear expectations.

7. Gauge Responsiveness

A fencing company’s responsiveness to your inquiries and concerns speaks volumes about its commitment to customer satisfaction. Effective communication is a hallmark of top-tier businesses, reflecting their dedication to their clientele. Prioritize companies that offer prompt replies and ensure all communications are clear, concise, and helpful. These businesses will likely be more attentive during the project, urgently addressing your needs and concerns.

8. Check Warranty Offerings

A robust warranty ensures you won’t be left in the lurch should any issues arise post-installation. Suburban Fence, for example, believes in the longevity of its work and offers guarantees that stand the test of time. Always inquire about their warranty terms and conditions when hiring a fencing contractor. This proactive approach will give you peace of mind and highlight the company’s commitment to excellence.

9. Transparency In Pricing

Financial surprises are seldom pleasant. A transparent and detailed cost breakdown is invaluable for a home improvement project. This detailed insight ensures you know precisely where every penny goes, from the quality of materials to labor. Companies that are candid about their charges signify trustworthiness and a commitment to fair dealings. Ensure that any fencing contractor you consider provides a clear overview of all costs involved, including potential contingencies or additional services, so that you can budget effectively and confidently.


Your property deserves the finest touch, and you’re in expert hands with Suburban Fence Incorporated. Our commitment to excellence reflects in every project we undertake. Explore our range of services, find inspiration from our previous projects in the gallery, and when you’re ready for a transformative fencing experience, give us a call at (708) 222 9255 or secure your free quote. Let us help your property stand out, blending functionality with aesthetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prioritize experience, licensing, customer reviews, diverse service offerings, and clear communication when choosing a contractor for fence-related projects.

Multiple quotes allow you to compare costs, gauge market rates, and ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Discuss your specific needs, aesthetics, budget, and maintenance preferences with your chosen contractor. They can guide you on wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chain link materials.

Absolutely. A written contract outlines the project scope, costs, timelines, and other crucial details, safeguarding both parties.

Installation timelines vary based on the project’s size, material, and complexity. Discuss your project’s specifics with the contractor for an accurate estimate.

Open communication is key. Set clear expectations about property care, clean-up responsibilities, and any boundaries or restrictions you might have.

Maintenance depends on material choice. For example, wooden fences might need staining or sealing, while vinyl fences require occasional cleaning with soap and water.

Many municipalities require permits for fence installations. Knowing property lines and ensuring you don’t infringe on neighborly boundaries or local regulations is also essential.

Discuss safety concerns with the contractor beforehand. Ensure the work area is cordoned off, tools are out of reach, and kids and pets are supervised or kept away from the installation site.

Signs include uneven or sagging sections, unstable posts, gaps at the bottom, or materials showing premature wear and tear.

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