Choosing between cedar and pressure-treated for your fencing.

Cedar Vs. Pressure-Treated: Wood Fencing Showdown

Wood Fencing: Cedar Vs. Pressure-Treated Comparison Guide

Choosing between Cedar and Pressure-Treated for your fencing can be a defining decision for your property. Both have unique strengths that cater to different tastes and practical needs. At Suburban Fence Incorporated, we understand the essence of quality fencing, and with our vast array of services, we’ve transformed countless spaces, as seen in our striking gallery. If costs concern you, explore our flexible financing options. We’re just a call away at (708) 222 9255, always ready to assist. Whether you have queries, our FAQs might hold your answer, or if you’re set to make your space shine, get your free quote today. But first, let’s settle the age-old debate: Cedar wood fencing vs. Pressure-treated wood fencing.

Cedar Wood Fencing: Natural Beauty And Longevity

Choosing the right material for your fencing is crucial for aesthetics, durability, and overall functionality. Cedar, revered for its beauty and longevity, is a top contender. Let’s dive deeper into what makes cedar a prime choice for fences.

Attributes Of Cedar Wood Fencing

Cedar, a powerhouse in the fencing world, brings a blend of natural beauty and sturdiness. Here’s why cedar stands tall among its peers:

  • Rich Aesthetics

Cedar’s textured grain paired with its warm color spectrum, ranging from amber to reddish-brown, immediately elevates any property’s curb appeal.

  • Resistant Nature

One of cedar’s standout features is its innate ability to fend off decay and unwelcome insects. This natural shield reduces the need for frequent treatments.

  • Pest-Repelling Aroma

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, cedar has an intrinsic scent. Not only does this enhance the surroundings, but it acts as a natural deterrent for pests, a two-fold advantage.

Wood Fence Styles Using Cedar

From classic to contemporary, cedar seamlessly fits into various fencing designs. Its adaptability and character allow homeowners to personalize their perimeter truly:

  • Classic Picket

When one thinks of an American home, the image often includes a charming picket fence. Cedar accentuates this design’s allure, with its unique grain pattern and hues making each picket distinct.

  • Horizontal Board Design

A modern twist on traditional fencing, the horizontal board style shines in cedar. It creates a rhythmic flow across the property, exuding a contemporary vibe.

  • Elegant Louvered

The louvered style using cedar is a sure bet. Its slatted design offers both privacy and a dash of opulence.

The Lifespan And Maintenance Of Cedar

Investing in cedar is making a long-term commitment to quality. To make the most of its lifespan and to ensure it looks pristine, some simple maintenance practices can be followed:

  • Built To Last

With proper care, cedar fences can stand tall for decades. Its natural oils are pivotal in its prolonged lifespan, minimizing the common issues other woods face.

  • Routine Checks

Keeping your fence in top shape is easy. Regular inspections can reveal early signs of warping or damage, allowing for timely interventions.

  • Additional Protection

Cedar already possesses a robust defense mechanism against external threats. However, an occasional application of sealants or stains can not only bolster its resistance but also revive its vibrant appearance, extending its life.

Pressure-treated horizontal wood fence in the bak yard.
Pressure-Treated Wood Fence

Pressure-Treated Wood Fencing: Affordability And Durability

When discussing sturdy yet budget-friendly fencing options, pressure-treated wood surfaces as a top choice. The strength derived from its treatment process positions it as a formidable contender in the fencing arena. Let’s unpack its features and benefits.

Basics Of Pressure-Treated Wood Fencing

This material’s defining characteristic is the treatment process it undergoes, setting it apart from the rest:

  • Treatment Process

The wood is exposed to specific chemicals, enhancing its resistance against common foes like rot and pest invasions.

  • Budget-Friendly Choice

One of the primary draws of pressure-treated material is its affordability. While providing ample durability, it doesn’t strain the pocket, offering value for every dollar spent.

  • Balancing Act

It strikes an impressive balance, offering resilience akin to higher-end materials without the premium price tag.

Wood Fence Styles With Pressure-Treated Material

The versatility of this material shines through in the range of designs it supports:

  • Private Stockade Fence

For those seeking seclusion, the stockade style is an ideal pick. With its tight-knit boards, it offers maximum privacy, making your backyard or property a peaceful oasis.

  • Rustic Split Rail

Infuse a touch of countryside charm with the split rail design. Using pressure-treated material ensures that while the design feels rustic, the fence’s strength remains uncompromised.

  • Classic Post And Board

A timeless design, the post and board fence, rendered in pressure-treated wood, promises visual appeal and endurance.

Care And Maintenance For A Long-Lasting Fence

While inherently robust, the right care practices can further amplify the longevity of your installation:

  • Regular Cleaning

Just like any outdoor fixture, this fence benefits from routine cleaning. Gentle washing can rid it of accumulated dirt, ensuring it remains attractive.

  • Periodic Sealing

An occasional sealant application preserves its finish, safeguarding it against external elements.

  • Proper Installation

It’s crucial to get the foundation right. Ensuring the fence is correctly installed, with adequate support, guarantees it’ll remain a steadfast boundary for many seasons.

wooden backyard fence
Contemporary Fence Design

Custom Wood Fencing: Personal Style With Material Choice

Crafting a space that exudes individuality often begins with details as foundational as fences. Custom fencing presents a canvas for personal expression, letting homeowners intertwine their style with the raw essence of their chosen material.

Benefits Of Custom Wood Fencing

Personalizing boundaries has its allure. Here are the advantages of going custom:

  • Personalized Design

Tailoring each slat and section ensures the final structure mirrors your envisioned look. A fence that’s uniquely you!

  • Architectural Harmony

Customize to echo your home’s architectural style. Whether modern or colonial, a personalized fence can meld seamlessly.

  • Neighborly Admiration

Stand out or blend in – the choice is yours. Customization can render your property the talk of the town or a subtle gem.

Factors To Consider In Custom Fencing

Crafting the ideal boundary involves more than just selecting between Cedar and Pressure-Treated options:

  • Material Essence

The innate qualities of your chosen material influence longevity and aesthetics. It’s crucial to align these with your expectations.

  • Budget Blueprint

A clear financial roadmap helps streamline choices and ensures you get maximum value.

  • Visual Goals

Consider the end look. Whether aiming for grandeur or simplicity, your design aspirations will steer your material and style choices.

Tips From Suburban Fence Experts

Tapping into the expertise of seasoned professionals can shape your custom fence journey:

  • Experienced Guidance

Leverage the wisdom of our team members, some boasting over 18 years in the industry.

  • Balancing Beauty And Function

The perfect fence marries style and strength. Our experts will guide you in making choices that don’t just look good, but also stand the test of time.

  • Informed Decision Making

Knowledge is power. The more you’re acquainted with your options, the higher the chances your investment will stand strong for years.


When it comes to fencing, the battle between Cedar and Pressure-Treated offers no easy answers, but clear distinctions in style, longevity, and care. With years of experience, Suburban Fence Incorporated empowers homeowners to make informed choices through our comprehensive services. Don’t just take our word for it; let our extensive gallery of projects inspire your next move. As you contemplate this significant addition to your property, our tailored financing options ensure your plans align with your budget. If questions linger, our FAQs might illuminate the path forward. Contact (708) 222 9255 or secure your free quote. Together, let’s encapsulate the essence of your space with a fence that speaks volumes.

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